Animal Exclusions

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Exclusions For Bats

For BATS, sealing gaps and cracks in the roof, walls, and foundations is important as they can enter through very small openings. It’s important to note that bats are protected under certain laws, and we at Florida Wildlife Management are here to help you.

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Exclusions For Rodents

For Rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice, sealing gaps and holes in roofs, plumbing and foundations is crucial. As well as securing doors and windows with screens and weather-stripping. Any food sources or standing water should be removed to make your home less attractive to rodents. Traps and baits can be effective in reducing rodent populations, but should be used with caution.

Exclusions For Racoons

Securing trash cans, compost bins, and pet food, trimming overhanging branches can help make your property less attractive to them. Fencing can also be effective in keeping racoons out, as well as sealing potential entry points such as roof vents, gaps in the attic or foundation.