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Hearing noises in your attic?

Discover the Wildlife Living in Your Home: From curious raccoons, scurrying rodents, to fluttering bats, Florida’s diverse wildlife can make themselves at home in your house. If you’re hearing strange noises, our wildlife management team can help you identify the culprit and create a safe and humane solution. Learn more about the animals that might be causing a ruckus in your home.

How did they get into my house?

At Florida Wildlife Management, we understand that preventing these critters from coming back is just as important as removing them. That’s why we offer an Exclusion service that ensures your home is protected from unwelcome pests in the future.


How do we clean it up?

Our team of experts specializes in environmentally-friendly and humane methods to: safely remove wildlife, disinfect the urine, feces, and diseases left behind, and restore your attic to its original condition. We take great care to ensure the safety of both the wildlife and our clients throughout the removal and restoration process.

Florida Wildlife Management is committed to sustainable wildlife management services that promote biodiversity and protect the natural environment.

We Build Relationships

Upon completing inspections, we sustain our relationships by extending a warranty on our services.

We Guarantee Results

The best results are achieved through diligent inspection and dedicated effort.