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Welcome To Florida Wildlife Management

Florida Wildlife Management is a private organization specializing in the control of wild animals. Our main objective is to be the leader in promoting nuisance wildlife knowledge through education to concerned individuals in Miami-Dade.
 Established since 1989, located in Miami. We have expanded into this division as we saw a growing problem of nuisance wildlife issues including raccoons and opossums. Our staff is experienced with managing and controlling wild animals in a humane and professional safe manner, at the same time satisfying our customers wildlife concerns. Florida Wildlife Management will teach you one-on-one, control techniques to prevent the possible intrusion of wildlife onto your property, home or attic-- before they move in! Many times clients request removal of the animals especially when they have entered the attic, we can trap and remove in most cases with a same day response time. We offer trapping in  Miami animal removal with exclusion work when needed with varying prices depending on the animal situation.

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Our Mission
Miami Dade's growing population is stressing the environment and habitats where wild animals have once lived and flourished. Compromised by our encroachment, wild animals have learned to adapt and modify their natural habits to coexist with us. The raccoon and opossum have actually adopted so well, they now thrive in many urban neighborhoods. Our mission is to promote deterrent methods warding off these animals from entering your property. We’ll also provide the raccoon removal and/ or opossum removal services you may need. When trapping and removing the wild animals, it is our goal to handle all wildlife in a respectful manner. Call our Miami pest control specialists and get the help you need.
Wildife FAQ's
Raccoon and Opossum FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions in Miami Dade county.
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Florida Wildlife Facts
Interesting facts about Florida wildlife
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