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Raccoon and Opossum FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions in Miami Dade and Broward county
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Florida Wildlife Facts
Interesting facts about Florida wildlife
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Florida Wildlife Facts

Florida Wildlife Fun Facts:

FUN Raccoon Fact: The word raccoon is frequently misspelled as "racoon" when people search this name on the internet.

When you see a group of raccoons, what are they called? 1) Herd 2) Pod 3) Nursery.
     Answer: Nursery. Three or more raccoons in a group is a "nursery of raccoons". 
What would a raccoon rather eat? 1) Frogs 2) Apples 3) Garbage
     Answer: Garbage. Raccoons would rather not have to work hard for their food, an open garbage can is like a gourmet restaurant to them.
What type of housing do raccoons like to live in? 1) Empty log 2) House attic 3) Small cave
     Answer: All the above. All raccoons in Florida will take advantage of any cozy area to raise their babies. Empty logs and small caves are   ideal for wild raccoons. Yet, when city raccoons do not have easy access to logs and caves they will enter an attic to live in.
At what age do baby Raccoons go out to see the world for the first time? 1) One month 2) Two months 3) Three months
     Answer: Two Months. The mother raccoon will take her babies out initially at about two months, as soon as they are able to run, she leaves the nesting area all together until next birthing season.

FUN Raccoon Fact: Do raccoons hibernate? Of course not in South Florida, it is warm all year with food available for every season. Northern raccoons will slow down and forage less in the winter but will not hibernate like a bear would. Raccoons in northern areas will gorge themselves in the summer and fall, gaining a tremendous amount of weight so they have extra calories to burn while sleeping and being less active in snowy climates. 

FUN Opossum Fact: The Opossum is most frequently spelled possum more on the internet. Even though spelling "Possum" is correct, the proper spelling for the Opossum that lives in North American is with the "O" preceding the rest of the spelling. "Opossum"

How many Opossum or Possum species live throughout the world? 1) 30 2) 60 3) 90.
     Answer: 60. They look very different from each other to adapt to their environment in the rest of the world!
What is the size of a newborn Opossum?  1) honey bee 2) kitten 3) mouse
     Answer: Honey bee. They are blind and helpless.
What is the closest relative to Opossums? 1) Koala 2) Kangaroo 3) Rat
     Answer: Both the Koala and Kangaroo. The Opossum is a marsupial which means they carry their babies in their pouch. All three have that in common, the Koala, Kangaroo and Opossums.
How many teeth does an Opossum have? 1) 30 2) 50 3) 70
     Answer: 50. Opossums have more than 50 teeth which is quite impressive considering the size of it's jaw. Even more impressive is that an Opossum is the only mammal in North America to have that many teeth.

FUN Opossum Fact:  Did you know that when an Opossum gets so scared or threatened it falls over and is paralyzed? When this occurs it is not voluntary and it cannot "unfreeze" itself. Time has to lapse where it's heart rate lowers and the body relaxes for Opossum to get back to normal and move again. During this paralyzing state to emits a "dead animal decaying meat smell" to ward off whatever caused the Opossum to fall into it's paralyzed state.